The innocent boy- [Eren and Levi]

The innocent boy- [Eren and Levi]

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Violet Mustang By Ereri-love Completed

Levi is a lonely man. Until one day he here's screams in a house in the middle of the woods.

Inside the house he finds a brown haired women trying to experiment on a little green eyes boy. 

Levi takes action and saves him

Please let it be not Hanji! Please let it be some other brown hair bitch!
Hanji I thought we talked about this control your urges woman Jesus you're worse than an abnormal Titan
Omfg I have a lewd mind!!!!! I read it wrong so I thought it said I went down my hoe instead of hole
Then keep him. He's all yours! I would like to visit once in awhile to check on my child
Ereriiiii Ereriiiii Jun 06
Giant.... Coz he's a Titan!
                              OML IM SO FUNNY
                              ;-; kill me plz
Ereriiiii Ereriiiii Jun 06
Stfu. Don't steal the only appealing trait about me. U have green eyes! U can't have both coz that's unfair