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I'm in Love With...My Bipolar Pimp? [GuyxGuy] [Extremely Mature]

I'm in Love With...My Bipolar Pimp? [GuyxGuy] [Extremely Mature]

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Mads Harper By NoPressureJustBoxers Completed

**Rated R**
 *Content may not be suitable for the closed minded. Contains GuyxGuy... everything xL read at your own risk. 

  Caleb had everything; money, power, family. He could have every girl in New York, except for one small problem; Caleb Valentine was and will always be as gay as they come. 
 When his once loving and devote parents find out they disown him and toss him to New Yorks grimy hands, leaving the once pampered 'prince' poor and heart broken. 
Having nothing to his name but a pair of Vans and a oversized hoodie, he finds his savior, finally feeling safe once more, but at a hefty price. 
 Becoming a prostitute was never his lifes ambition, however, Caleb knows he must do anything in order to survive his once faithful streets. 
 If only his pimp wasn't so crazy.

Anywhore Anywhore Nov 15, 2016
He totally meant that the scumbags will be the ones providing the condoms instead. Yup, definitely mhmmm
__idiosyncratic __idiosyncratic Nov 13, 2016
. lol reminds me of the memes on IG 😂 If bae has HIV it's no longer HIV it's H(OUR)V 😭 I Was HOLLLLERING 🗣🗣
Bwoopp Bwoopp Jan 09
Honestly so cliche.... in literally all of these stories there's some Emo trash pale white guy with "the most beautiful blue eyes" and black shaggy hair... honestly kinda sick of it :/