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Camp Pica. (A Skylox Fanfiction)

Camp Pica. (A Skylox Fanfiction)

47.4K Reads 2K Votes 32 Part Story
Asher Trash #1 By TyOrTyler Completed

He was not normal, or that's at least what his 'friends' and parents thought. Adam was gay, bisexual actually, and his parents were sending him away to a camp so he could 'get better.' But what if something else happens, something his parents never wanted to happen?
Warning; Slurs, swearing, hinted at sexual content, mentions of abuse and drinking. Read at your own risk.

Rogue_Mind Rogue_Mind May 11
Funny it's called Camp Pica cuz Pica means spicy in Spanish so now all I can think is Camp Spicy.
DollieAri DollieAri Feb 27
Would it be awkward if I..?
                              Ah, I'll just say it anyway.
                              Pica is a mental disorder that causes people to eat things aren't called food, such as plastic, bricks, wood, etc.
                              I'm sorry, but I wouldn't be satisfied if I didn't say it.
- - Nov 09, 2016
*face palms* I legit got confused that I thought Tyler was ty this whole Danm time ;-;
elovelyanm elovelyanm Aug 23, 2016
Did his dad say faggot? If he did I will kill the fictional dad of this story with the kitchen knife I am strangely fascinated by and also terrified of.
Sparklepuff101 Sparklepuff101 Dec 30, 2015
Wait is it tyler as in muchingbrotaro or Tyler as in Deadlox IM SO CONFUSED!?!?!?!
Deonity Deonity Mar 31, 2015
HIS NAME IS NOT JIM IT'S HARVEY (that's not me being rude, I just like caps lock :))