Hidden Elements

Hidden Elements

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A.I. By artificial-intel Completed

"I can't stay." I murmured. "Why?" He replied. Our breaths mixed in the small space between our faces. "Because, you're one of them."
I turned my head around so I didn't have to stare at his face. "There are worse enemies out there Krista." He pleaded. "But you are the worse there is."

Running for your life everyday...But Why?

In a dystopian  world, one girl is high on demand. She attracts the wrong crowd, because of her powers. Fire, water, earth and air, the four elements. All things come with a price, in this case, her life. Running constantly away from danger, until she stumbles on something, or should I say somewhere, and then, someone...

Krista, a far from normal 16 year old girl, is the one most wanted. Running for her life has became an everyday consequence for her. Until, she meets him. But he's hiding a dark secret, but so is she. It might not be so obvious to what your thinking. 

Romance has never been a apart of her life, but does Krista want it there?

  • adventure
  • dystopian
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  • romance
  • sciencefiction
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narwhalgirl12 narwhalgirl12 Jan 23, 2017
Nice, but i'm pretty sure all those images from the cover are from google and you may be subject to copyright.