The Alpha's Younger Mate

The Alpha's Younger Mate

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Maraaa By _MaraaaaXO Updated Jan 11

"I know you want me." I whispered in his ear. 

"Katalina." He warned. I loved the way he said my name. It made me press myself into him more. He hissed and tried to move. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer. 

"What's stopping you, Lucas?" He looked into my brown eyes. Lucas narrowed his eyes at me. He looked pissed, but his eyes were telling a different story. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him. 

"You're too young. I'm twenty-six, and you're only seventeen." Lucas tried to look away. 

"That's not it, Alpha." His eyes snapped to mine. 

"Katalina, stop." His body pressed against mine. 

"It's her. She's stopping you, huh? She's not yours, Lucas."


"She's not your Kitten, Alpha." I knew I took him to another level by the growl that came out his mouth. Did I care? No. Lucas Hale was mine. He was my mate, not RoseMary's. Who cared about the age difference? I sure as hell didn't, and apparently he didn't at the moment. 

"You're in trouble little mate." Lucas grabbed me lifted me. I wrapped my legs around him and crashed my lips to his.

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KittySwift786 KittySwift786 Feb 14, 2016
It feels so awkward when we know her parents are right there watching all of this...
HarrahHeat HarrahHeat Mar 06, 2016
I imagine her parents standing there like sure feel up my naked daughter oh friend of mine... no stop this is weird and why are you naked I told you to be ready
Katalinaprak Katalinaprak Aug 03, 2016
My names the same but my last name is prak how weird is that
xswanhm xswanhm Aug 15, 2016
Stupid man she can date who she wants u creep u have a girlfriend
TheBookGoddes TheBookGoddes Jul 22, 2016
                              Yes he is
sazidakhanom sazidakhanom Oct 27, 2014
This my first time reading this story and so far I like it :)