The Rogue (One Direction WereWolf FanFic)

The Rogue (One Direction WereWolf FanFic)

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I smiled at him and he walked forward wrapping his arms round my waist. I reached up and before I knew it we were locked in a passionate kiss. He bit my bottom lip asking for entrance, I denied him and his hand griped my butt. I gasped and he took the opportunity to let his tongue explore my mouth. we battled for dominance which he quickly won. We broke apart both gasping for breath but his mouth never left my skin. He started trailing kiss down my jaw to my neck, his teeth grazing the skin. I nodded and that was all the confirmation he needed. I felt his canines biting onto the join of my neck and shoulder. At first the pain was horrible but slowly became more enjoyable. He licked the wound to seal his mark.

Starlight or Star Grayson comes out of the blue, bringing happiness and misery to Alpha Styles. When her past catches up to her and she is re-united with past  family, only one person can change that, and will that ruin Harry and Stars Relationship??

Find out In The Rogue

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LayLayDolanDirection LayLayDolanDirection Oct 25, 2016
please not Jelena....I'm sorry  he just hurts her to much in real life........but this is a story so I'm gonna get it over with
- - Nov 17, 2016
the story of my life, I'll take her home, Ill drive all night to keep her warm and time; is frozen~