How Far We've Come

How Far We've Come

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lyzard_fan_fics By lyzard_fan_fics Updated Oct 11

Izuku Midoriya had been kidnapped by villains when he was five years old. He and his mother had been on their way home from visiting the doctor, after finding out Izuku was quirkless, when they were attacked by a small group of villains. 

Izuku had watched his mother be murdered right in front of him, only to be subject to a life of captivity right after. 

The plan for Izuku was to be turned into a Nomu once he was old enough to actually be useful. Because of this, Izuku grew up being harshly trained and abused for fun. 

Until one day when pro heroes raid the villain headquarters and find him. 

Long story short, he becomes quite attached to the pro that finds him, Eraserhead. The pro hero and his husband had been looking to adopt another kid anyways, and decided to take him in. 

Follow Izuku as he navigates the free world and tries to become a pro hero!