The Diary Swap | ✓

The Diary Swap | ✓

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Meet Cassie Flizz, the outcast. She's the girl that no one ever knows, no one ever notices and no one ever talks to. She wears band tees, oversized hoodies, ripped jeans and beanies as her daily outfits. 

Then meet Ash Anderson, the bad boy. Leather jackets, dark wash jeans and black sneakers.  He's like a lone wolf, yet popular. Rumor has it he's went to jail before. 

Both of them each have a deep dark secret, and both of them have diaries. What if one day, their diaries are swapped?

[read at your own risk because i wrote this two years ago]

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arora101 arora101 Oct 27, 2017
*only read the word Alison and immediately started to fangirl*
Raka_Neko Raka_Neko 5 days ago
For a second I tought her Computer died and she named it Alison.
Reecekingisbae Reecekingisbae Jun 02, 2017
She, she ain't real
                              She ain't gonna be able to love you like I will
                              She is a stranger
                              You and I have history
                              Or don't you remember
                              Sure, she's got it all
                              But, baby, is that really what you want
PlayingDarts PlayingDarts Jul 01, 2017
Why is everybody so sad about her death? I was just like "Good riddance."
Mistyy772 Mistyy772 Jul 08, 2017
im glad she died she was so needy for scotts attention and she was shooting dereks pack. Like she didn't needto b like that just because she had skills
_painteddesaster_ _painteddesaster_ Jun 09, 2017
damit spoiler alert .... i stoped watching teen wolf a while ago and was planning on watching it again ...... now i know allison dies...... fan-fcking-tasic