Wingheart: Spirit's Gate

Wingheart: Spirit's Gate

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Benjamin Gabbay By BenjaminGabbay Completed

Two years after the fall of Daimos' empire, the Arkane province of Serenia has been restored to its former glory. But below the surface, its enemies are far from idle.

Plans are fast underway for The New Order cult to call their allegedly undead master, Sennair Drakathel, back from the grave-plans, orchestrated by the ghost of Sennair himself, that would see the rebirth of an unconquerable army and the ruin of all Arkane.

Once again, Cecil Handel and the Wingheart brothers, Magnus and Drake, are forced into the role of the opposition. Alongside a criminal mastermind with mysterious intentions and the unscrupulous creature who murdered the Winghearts' mother, they become embroiled in a web of intrigue where they can never be certain whether they are working to thwart or advance the Order's plans.

Lives, loyalties, and minds will crumble until Arkane's greatest conspiracy is seen to its conclusion, for good or for ill.

(THIS IS A PREVIEW OF A PUBLISHED BOOK, WINGHEART: SPIRIT'S GATE, sequel to Wingheart: Luminous Rock. See for more details, and check out for excerpts from Luminous Rock!)