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KING By UseWithCaution Updated Dec 22, 2017

"Why do you feel the need to disobey me?" His voice made the entire room freeze over. There was a fire burning in the corner, but I had goosebumps over my dark skin.

"I don't know." 

"That's not a good answer. You almost died tonight because you're stubborn." 

"I told you I'm a hand full." 

With one swift movement he was up and I was pinned against his wall. The pit in my stomach was feeling up with hot, wet desire and I bit my bottom lip. 

"You will learn that I am not a toy and you will not play with me. You will learn to respect and obey me. And if you don't, you will suffer." He disappeared out of the room and left me with only the fire and books to occupy the rest of my evening. 

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MelaninMisfitt MelaninMisfitt Jun 25, 2017
Finally someone who isn't caramel or light skin with long messy waves  down to their butt with hazel eyes or light brown just the good ole classic brown eyes dark skinned and braids
bisexualbitch04 bisexualbitch04 Sep 23, 2017
Ok don't know what that means so I guess I'm not gonna understand the book. Why try😕
Sounds like me. 5'7, dark skinned, bullied/profiled because I'm black. It took me years to love the skin I was in, and once I found it, psh no one could tell me nothing 😍😍
BOSSCHICK___ BOSSCHICK___ Dec 23, 2017
Relatable but I’m 5’4 and my hair always has something to do with braids
BOSSCHICK___ BOSSCHICK___ Dec 23, 2017
Nah Charlie you ain’t finna be scoffing round here cause your tall ass could’ve got your own piece of bacon just like you got dick on your own 🖕🏿😂💀
btsbabi btsbabi Oct 23, 2017
I'm mixed but I've always been darker, I have poop colored eyes and my hair gets on my DAMN nerves. I'm glad that there is finally a darkskinned girl tho. They slay while y'all playing