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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios

TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios

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Alex Lang By NBBA_Girl Updated Oct 05, 2016

What would you feel if you stole one of the four heroes that we all love hearts'? How would your romance go? Find out!

These are the 2014 Turtles, not the 2012 turtles so if anyone says something about Donnie and April I will internally explode. I do know what I'm talking about when it comes to April. Mikey was the first to ever have a crush on her so do not tell me that I'm being inaccurate, because sim not. 2014 people, not 2012.

Hey guy's, NBBA_Girl here! Here's my first book on wattpad and by far my most popular.

If you have any ideas or requests please send the, to me in messenger and I will probably put them in. I appreciate your input. Also, as an added note, depending on the chapters, some will be short while others will be longer. Depending on the significance of the chapter usually depend on the length. I've been wanting to say this and just now got to it. Now, continue on with your day.

<3 you all!

EmilyFalkenrath EmilyFalkenrath Jun 12, 2016
I'm a die hard fan and I adore the modern turtles. True the 2014 wasn't the best but the new one is AWESOME and they even look better now. So yeah ♡
rchambers789 rchambers789 Apr 09, 2016
Me: *sits down at dinner table*
                              Aunt: so how was your day?
                              Me: it was pretty good I guess, hiw about you
                              *phone notification*
                              Me: *quickly checks it*
                              Aunt: where is this attitude comming from
                              Me: BITCH I WAS ON THE PHONE FOR EIGHT SECONDS!!!!!
ElementalIceQueen08_ ElementalIceQueen08_ May 20, 2016
I love the 2014/2016 modern turtles, they are even more intriguing,overwhelming, and intimidating...:) 💕
Oops_Its_Madi Oops_Its_Madi Feb 10, 2016
I literally said "YASS!" and flung my arms around like a weirdo when she said it was based off of the 2014 movie XD
GamerQueen2002 GamerQueen2002 Feb 26, 2016
Me: *sits down on couch* 
                              Dad: That's it! 
                              Me: OzO Wut? 
                              Mom: Off to New York. We can't afford to have you hear anymore! Plus your mood swings are terrible. 
                              Me: ;-; You guyz SUCK.
ThatOneChickOnline ThatOneChickOnline May 26, 2016
You talk like krrang
                              "The one named Leonardo spoke" 😂😊😉👍