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Truly Heartless

Truly Heartless

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RavenCrimsonRose By RavenCrimsonRose Updated Apr 29

Cool silver presses into the mans throat, and I slide the blade across his neck with ease. Easily tearing through the flesh of his neck, and staining my blades with crimson liquid. Blood, a substance that two years ago would've made me gag and cry, surrounds the bedroom, not even slightly fazing me. The mission was complete, and a small part of me thought of my old " pack ", my mate, and my family. They all would gasp and shake in fear of they saw me now, a heartless killer, an assassin.... But that didn't matter to me, they were all going to pay for what they've done, for abusing me...Even if it's karma that does it, not me...

Cassidy Frey, was once a weak pathetic girl, or at least that's what everyone she knew said. Even her own family treated her like dirt. When the day came that she finally met her mate, he rejects her. Broken Cassidy runs away, and becomes stronger, The Devils Henchmen as they call her. When the day comes that she sees her mate again, she's ready for revenge...

Schneblie Schneblie May 29, 2016
Oml 2nd book of yours I've started today and it already looks awesome
LonwaboSityebi LonwaboSityebi Aug 02, 2016
Its okay so far. Not very much cliché thank you Sweet Person!
Kinda_Crazy Kinda_Crazy Jun 27, 2016
Ahh yes the hate of the barrels. 45 million people really hate the barrles alright 😂
King_Kammy King_Kammy Feb 08
I love her and her wolf already 😍😍😻😻😻❤❤❤❤
kaybabyxoxo kaybabyxoxo Jun 25, 2016
Which* lol I thought she was talking about witches being useful 😂
BlaVkRoses15 BlaVkRoses15 Aug 08, 2016
You know I love this story please update as much as you can. It's so nice and I love how she became strong. So please keep her that way and I will support this story cause it's to my liking