The Player

The Player

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Braidyn Milner By BraidynMilner Completed

A story where the schools bad boy bullies a innocent new girl. But he didn't know what he signed himself up for as a few months down the road, he was already falling hard for the girl. 


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rubyarielle rubyarielle Aug 05
I agree but the only reason why books are like this is because in reality who wants the girl that sleeps around and it's sad that it does not work for men
I can already tell that this book is gonna be amazing. I MEAN, YOU ARE DOING WHAT TRUE AUTHORS DO WITH THE PARAGRAPH STRUCTURE
ik this is a story so don't come for me being like oh you're so judgmental or whateva im just spreading awareness to the people that do call people those names bc it's not fair
ecstaticspirit ecstaticspirit Jun 09, 2016
the number of periods are getting on my nerves for some unknown reason
__niallNIALL__ __niallNIALL__ Jul 06, 2016
I like how you say "Oh I beat up kids for no reason" so calmly
_ChillVibez_ _ChillVibez_ Feb 27, 2016
I luv ur freakin book already dobt let nobody tell u otherwise