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The Mysterious One (A How to train your Dragon FanFiction)

The Mysterious One (A How to train your Dragon FanFiction)

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DragonGirl1313 By DragonGirl1313 Completed

Life couldn't be better on Berk, until Hiccup and Toothless find a girl wounded and unconscious in the forest. In Hiccup's eyes, this girl is an interesting and courageous person. But he soon figures out that she is hidding something. Alvin The Treacherous is hunting her down and Hiccup and his friends are going to do everything they can to protect the girl from Alvin's grasp.
(I do not own The Dreamworks characters)

You simply remember your dreams, they do not. It's the different stages of sleep.
I think I have the same ability as me but mine tell the future.
I know the feeling of having dreams based on a movie or a video game. Me, it's mainly on video games. Specifically Sonic the Hedgehog.
BubbleHumanBeing BubbleHumanBeing May 28, 2016
omg same! I get my ideas from my weird mixed up dreams like the one when the whole earth became a marshmallow and all the humans and animals started eating it all untill there wasnt any earth XD
Its not weird at all hun. Its how I write my stories. I have a lot of stories in paper notebooks. Irs how I get rid of the dreams. They keep hautnign me otherwise. 
                              So I completelt understand
LeafeonLife LeafeonLife Jul 27, 2016
I have strange dreams that inspire some of my stories too. Don't worry, your not the only one. Although, sometimes I have dreams of the future, so I will always be terrified if until I no longer have one of my teachers. I had a dream she gave me a detention for being late to class....