The Lord of the Underworld is in love with me, HELP!(Boy x Boy)

The Lord of the Underworld is in love with me, HELP!(Boy x Boy)

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Pier Mason was an ordinary Teacher that gotten his life cut short at the age of 27. As Piers enters the underworld, he apparently gotten the interest of the most powerful god their is, Lucifer, the fallen Angel.  As Piers tries to find out what so special about him, Lucifer does what ever is possible to get close to the human.

Book 3 of the Angel of Death series, will feature returning Characters from the previous books, enjoy the adventure as Piers try to make his new After-life in the underworld. And may try to denied the God any love, if it is possible.


Boy x Boy

I know this is old and theres no point but I like the idea of it but the grammar is HORRIBLE like completely cringe-worthy and barely readable.
LunaxPhobia LunaxPhobia Aug 25, 2016
Would I have been the only one that pinched lucifer and when he asks why I did that I would been like so this is real
aaliyahphillip11 aaliyahphillip11 Apr 19, 2016
Damn, they really said the devil is no ugly man.😍😍😍😍,lol
AliceMay2511 AliceMay2511 Jul 29, 2016
They knew each other for five days... got married and killed themselves... #relationshipgoals
xxSilverFangxx xxSilverFangxx Dec 12, 2016
SENPAI!!! WHY DONT YOU NOTICE ME?!?! (sorry not the right time 😂😂)
Sidneywhyte Sidneywhyte Jul 02, 2016
I just got up from my bed and started jumping up and down while fan girling😏😘