Fates Entwined

Fates Entwined

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Mrinalini Vashisht By btsobsessedmills Updated Nov 11, 2020

Power hungry nobles, cunning royal consorts and ruthless and ambitious kings and princes- the Imperial Palace has it all.
From treachery, drama, revenge, lies, back-stabbing, double-crossing, ruthless power struggles, betrayal, plots and schemes- the Imperial Palace is a very dangerous place to be for the weak hearted.

Unfortunately for her, Kim Hye-ri finds herself stuck in the middle of it all.    
And to add icing to the cake that is the "royal mess" that she's in- she's completely clueless as to what to do to survive in the Imperial Palace.  
Not to mention that she finds herself stuck amidst two brothers and the most iconic power struggles for the royal throne.      

What will she do? Who will she choose when her heart refuses even the thought of betraying either? Which path will she ultimately decide to take? Will she succumb to the addiction of power? And will the once naïve Lady Kim end up losing all that is dear to her in the process?

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