His silence is his Pride

His silence is his Pride

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The  spoiled  chick By Girlwithpearl Updated Jul 29

In a religious, traditional and loving Muslim family, there lived a girl with loud and different opinions of her own. Unlike the other girls, Mahra believes in transforming her dreams into reality. She is the first independent woman in her 'Arab' family.

For a young girl like herself, she goes through a lot of trouble to achieve what she wishes in her life and for her precious Job.

Just when she thinks life's going on perfectly, steps in a man who ruins everything that she's built from all these years.

Despite all the hatred she holds in her heart for him, somehow fate brings them both together.

A beautiful tale of an unfulfilled love story, that is both enchanting and mesmerizing.

damonxox damonxox Aug 05
Man I would love to do that but,
                              Here in America there's no such thing as late morning breakfast cuz it's like u earn what chu get
ArabiaFelix ArabiaFelix Aug 10
The restaurants with the open rooftops in Dubai and whatnot are nice.
ArabiaFelix ArabiaFelix Aug 10
People in the comments really don't know what culture is do they
ArabiaFelix ArabiaFelix Aug 10
I'm a workaholic too, and people never understand that I just love to do nothing but work.
ArabiaFelix ArabiaFelix Aug 10
It's really nice to know I'm not the only 3arabiyyeh who's striving to sprinkle the literature world with some Arab-related stories. Keep doing what you're doing, girls. I'm proud of y'all. :)
I don't get to pray Jumah on Fridays because of school and I love Jumah