His silence is his Pride

His silence is his Pride

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The  spoiled  chick By Girlwithpearl Updated Jul 29, 2017

In a religious, traditional and loving Muslim family, there lived a girl with loud and different opinions of her own. Unlike the other girls, Mahra believes in transforming her dreams into reality. She is the first independent woman in her 'Arab' family.

For a young girl like herself, she goes through a lot of trouble to achieve what she wishes in her life and for her precious Job.

Just when she thinks life's going on perfectly, steps in a man who ruins everything that she's built from all these years.

Despite all the hatred she holds in her heart for him, somehow fate brings them both together.

A beautiful tale of an unfulfilled love story, that is both enchanting and mesmerizing.

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kaptenperi kaptenperi Jan 07
An Indonesian girl is here🙋🏻‍♀️
                              I bet you guys don’t know where is it
Ok All Arab here so where are My Somali people at Holler at me !!!🙌🙌♥️ love the story so far 💘♥️
SR_hijabi SR_hijabi Dec 06, 2017
She z ryt! ! dats sounds boring...lyk marriage nd kids dats it lyf z ovr 😑
SR_hijabi SR_hijabi Dec 06, 2017
Who vl deny dose things bt wrk z also passionate nd fun! !😆
kaptenperi kaptenperi Jan 07
Evrytime I hear about Emerati, Hamdan Al-Rasheed always cross my mind😅
PrayersNSmiles PrayersNSmiles Nov 12, 2017
I have seen this story being posted in "the most appropriate Islamic sores to read" and I decided to read it. 
                              I wish it will be as interesting as the descriptions is.