Another Bite - Vampire Cohorts Book 2 - Complete First Draft

Another Bite - Vampire Cohorts Book 2 - Complete First Draft

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Angela McGurk By ALMcGurk Completed

It's never possible to run from your past. Sooner or later you have to turn and face it, either to fight the monsters that wait there or to submit and fall beneath their claws. 

As a reincarnated Master vampire I should've expected that to be tough. However, as my memories of my past had been tampered with and hidden out of reach, it was difficult to prepare for the fang baring creature snapping at my heels. Especially as the only man who could help me understand who I'd started out as believed the only way to protect me was through distance.

It didn't help that I had secrets as well, things I couldn't share with Conn for fear they'd destroy him. There was darkness in my past, and it was coming for me, but my biggest fear was that it would swallow the man I couldn't admit to loving.

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Lioness571 Lioness571 Apr 16
I bought the book on amazon and I LOVED IT!!!!! So excited to continue reading it on Wattpad.
DimSceneX DimSceneX Jul 22, 2017
i bought the first book a few days ago and am so excited for this
n_otpresent n_otpresent Sep 12, 2016
Bite the bullet was so beautiful. That after finishing I feel in a haze. Wow. -thrilled to read this-
japoopie japoopie Nov 09, 2015
U had me at the 1st book and now im starting on this 2nd only regret is that ive only just discovered ur work.God bless and keep up ur great work.this is one of the vamp books ive read.thank u 4 sharing ur work with us
TashaVanessaMajoko TashaVanessaMajoko Oct 27, 2015
Am inlove with the book...keep writin u have an amazin talent
EsmeraldaReyes21 EsmeraldaReyes21 Sep 01, 2015
but wouldnt that make darcy his like granddaughter or something???????