Scar Tissue (Lashton AU)

Scar Tissue (Lashton AU)

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Amanda By Slaymelashton Updated Dec 06, 2016

"We stopped checking for monsters under our beds once we realized the monsters were inside of us."

      Ashton Irwin. A 16 year old Aussie entering his Junior year. Everyone either ignores him or bullies him to an extent. Other then the bullying, no one talks to him. He hates himself.

      Luke Hemmings. A 17 year old Aussie entering year 11 as well. Luke is usually really popular. Girls love him and even guys do. That's just who Luke is though, a person who is easy to get along with. He likes the way he looks.

       Ashton is depressed and suicidal whilst Luke is happy and bubbly.

       Ashton is gay.

       Luke is gay.

       But no one would actually like Ashton right? Or so he thought.

mary_rider mary_rider Apr 11, 2016
                              my face is now like my profile picture 
thesilentcloud thesilentcloud Oct 29, 2015
Same except freshman year and I just tried it idk it kinda makes me feel better just to know that I am know as the mysterious one.
stephaniexlee stephaniexlee Dec 09, 2014
You are a really good writer! The story is really sad but it is written really well! This may be a stupid question but I get that Lashton is Luke and Ashton together but who are they? haha. Hope you update soon!
Slaymelashton Slaymelashton Oct 24, 2014
@xXZenLiXx hsha thanks I will update tomorrow at the earliest.
TheRebelQueenBlake TheRebelQueenBlake Oct 24, 2014
Hi I am Delana from Facebook and WOW this sounds already soo awesome totally  love it and going to read it❤
Fireworks_Burst Fireworks_Burst Oct 08, 2014
ha that made me sound like needy whore :3 but really I really like it :D