Bad Boy Gone Good (BTS JIN FanFic)

Bad Boy Gone Good (BTS JIN FanFic)

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DeeOhhAlex By DeeOhhAlex Completed

Ever wondered why he is so annoying? Why he never stops to get your attention? Why he messes everything up?

Have you ever even thought about the possibility that he likes you?

Then maybe thats the reason why he annoys you.

milkflavoured milkflavoured Jul 23, 2016
This is a fanfic, anything can happen, pigs can fly, V can be normal, anything is possible!
bts-jinstan29 bts-jinstan29 Oct 10, 2016
You should change the Gay part. It's not an insult, and you could hurt someone's feelings with that.
Micahella2_ Micahella2_ Oct 07, 2016
I agree except from the prince one coz he's the pink princess...
ritaminna ritaminna Aug 27, 2016
Jin loves pink and he ain't gay is he?! Plus I don't take gay as an insult.....
jungkookbtsisbae jungkookbtsisbae Jul 28, 2016
Um no.... There's nothing wrong with liking pink.... My UNCLE is married to a GIRL and they have a SON who has a GIRLFRIEND and both their favourite colour is PINK
xxibgnaima xxibgnaima Nov 26, 2016
                              WUT AGUST D AT HER HOUSE? AND AS A UNNIE? 😂😂😂😂😂😂