**Second Book in Gifted Series** : RUMOR HAS IT THAT THE ENCHANTED EIGHT HAVE RETURNED. Fresh off their battle with the Darks - and death - our favorite teenaged wizards have returned to the Academy of Magic and Magic Studies to finish out the rest of Year Four. After the last few months, the Eight think this next semester will be nothing but cake - though if they’ve learned anything, they know nothing ever is as it seems. 
    What if there is something out in the Three Realms that’s of a greater threat? Something worse than Dark, something Wicked.
in the first boom you made it seem like wil might have dark magic, I hope I find out more in this it's killing me to have answers. I'm so excited to read wicked!!!
tis is the second book I was wondering where is the first book because I can't find it?
yes so happy to see this back too! and i loved the changes you made in gifted... little bits and pieces that i absoltuely found perfect!!
sweet .. so happy to see this back and can't wait to read it all! it'll be like reading it for the first time all over again :)
yes so excited! i loved the new gifted it's amazing and i feel like something huge is going to happen and you're setting us up for all the drama in the fourth book that's coming!! so excited!