Gym Teacher ~ ashton irwin

Gym Teacher ~ ashton irwin

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That Twatat Tat By erkylurky Updated Jun 08, 2016

At every school, there's always that hot teacher that all the girls crush on...

At my new school, his name is Mr Irwin.....


I learned it like that too, but I'm from America by instead of c we used b
hiyagahlot hiyagahlot Jun 29
Iam from dehradun india :):):):) but I am sure u guys don't know where dehradun is so....... yeah that's all
Leah03xx Leah03xx Apr 24
I feel like if a teacher is young, everyone kinda freaks and they're automatically hot 😂😂😂😂 I can name a few where it's so cringey some of the girls who come in the room to "say hi" and stuff ughh😂
livvmgc2013 livvmgc2013 Apr 03, 2016
From memory it's like that in australia too. (I stopped maths after year 10, and that was about 8 years ago now.) (I know I'm old )
aesthetic_lashton aesthetic_lashton Mar 19, 2016
My gym/health teacher is a loud grouchy Italian man who favors only athletic guys.
Hemmergency Hemmergency Mar 28, 2016
Okay like almost every teacher at my school is attractive so when I read the comments I'm like... Is it not normal?