My Boss Man

My Boss Man

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Maraaa By _MaraaaaXO Updated Jan 11

"Rey, where do you think you're going?" I rolled my eyes and turned around to face Elliot. 

"Out, Elliot. Why?" He narrowed his eyes at me. I started to back up when  he walked closer to me. 

"Out with who, Reyna?" I gulped.

Elliot scared the crap out of me. Anybody would be scared of a six foot something guy with tattoos and a scary, but sexy face. 

"You wouldn't happen to be going out with someone named Tyler, right?" Elliot backed me into the wall. I suddenly got angry again. I remembered why I was going out with him the first place. 

"Yes, I am. I'm going out with Tyler because of a dick head named Elliot!" I raised my voice. Elliot seemed shocked at first, but soon he covered it. 

"You're not going out with him, Reyna! He's not good for you!" Elliot's face moved closer to mine as he yelled at me. 

"AT LEAST HE KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS!" I screamed. Elliot backed up and glared at me. "He doesn't play with my feelings like you. You don't even know what you want. Make up your mind, El."

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writerchick212 writerchick212 May 02, 2016
Isn't this insest? If Fay and Eliza are cousins, and they had kids, wouldn't they be related? I would never kiss my cousin, but that's just me
nancii_xo nancii_xo Jan 24, 2015
lol I used to have friends like this. I miss it  tho ...but... people change 
Reynacorrin Reynacorrin Oct 15, 2014
This is my name. Spelled exactly the same way. Dot believe me? Check my profile. So, NICE NAME CHOICE!!!
_MaraaaaXO _MaraaaaXO Sep 19, 2014
@he1998aven  I keep forgetting to put it up haha. I'll definitely have it up in the next chapter.
mason_allena mason_allena Sep 16, 2014
Oh Mah God. You need to update. This is a very good book so faf.
Michaela_12 Michaela_12 Sep 13, 2014
Aghhhh update soon plz!!! I think this might be your best one so far :D