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Saved By My Bully (Frerard)

Saved By My Bully (Frerard)

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Skylar the Introvert By xoCrashFire Completed

Alright, so, this is going to start with a flashback. Well, this story is going to have plenty of flashbacks. Some of them will be of things that I forgot to put in the first story. Alright? Okay, read and enjoy!



Gerard's POV:

I was hugging Frank's lifeless body to my chest, he was still so warm. My tears were falling from my chin to his hair, rolling through gaps until they landed on his scalp. I can't believe he did it. 

I grab the abandoned note, my eye falling on one section in particular. 'The promise- the promise that I'll never be a burden on you anymore.'

That part hits me so hard. It breaks my heart, he was never a burden. I look back down and take his lip ring out of the hole he poked it through. I clutch it tightly in my hand and try to stop my tears, but I can't. I was just about to tell Frank that I hadn't come to a conclusion yet when I knew full well what I wanted. And what I wanted was him, I just think he can do better and I wanted to giv...

but he finds it quiet alarming, cause he's such an awful fuuuuck
dirntbag04 dirntbag04 Jun 14
I can already tell I'm going to be ruined by this fic thanks a lot
spiderhed spiderhed Jul 02
mikey please baby i know you're emotional rn but its no ones fault..
                              MY LUNGS WILL FILL AND THEN DEFLATE
                              THEY FILL WITH FIRE EXHALE DESIRE
                              I KNOW I DIRE MY TIME TODAY
                              I HAVE THESE THOUGHTS SO OFTEN I OUGHT
                              TO REPLACE THE SLOT WITH WHAT I WAS ONCE BROUGHT
                              BECAUSE SOMEBODY STOLE MY CAR RADIO
                              AND NOW I JUST SIT IN SILENCE
I'm reading this fanfic for the 7th time in my life smh (it's just a classic man,  I can't)