Mafia Royalties

Mafia Royalties

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Natsu Dragneel; the cool heartthrob of Fiore High.

Lucy Heartfilia; the hot transfer student.

Seems normal, right?


They're not just students. They're royalties.

Mafia Royalties.

Mixed them with crazy friends, cunningly evil enemies, manipulative parents, and a contract.

What do you get?

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LOL don't know why I said that to much UNDERTALE in my brain
😐 well... that's hard for a 8 yr old to take in, but... I guess with the world she lives in, it's best to learn at a young age so she can be prepared for the future...
Now a days it is well im not a murderer just with all the bad happening ain't nothing good out shining the bad
Jude is Flowey? Flowey is a buttercup, and in this story, he is as poisonous as one.
Don't know bout the others, but I'm thinking bout Danganronpa.....
Aw come on seriously flowey get out of here you were annoying enough to beat in the game so leave Asriel alone