Deadwood Inn (Slashers x Reader)(Hiatus)

Deadwood Inn (Slashers x Reader)(Hiatus)

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The_OG_Porkchop By The_OG_Porkchop Updated Sep 26

❗️This story had been placed on hiatus❗️

(Y/n) was a new employee at the Deadwood Inn, and had no idea what exactly she was getting into. She had needed a job, and the Inn was like a saving grace for her. It was like a constant vacation in her mind. While she wasn't quite sure what she was getting into, she was sure of one thing. She needed to get away from the past. When she's met with infamous murderers, will she find comfort in them or die trying?

The slashers in this story include:
-Ghostface (Billy Loomis and Stu Macher)
-Hannibal Lector
-Jason Voorhees
-Michael Myers
-Freddy Krueger
-Leatherface (Bubba Sawyer)
-Chucky (Charles Lee Ray)
-Brahms Heelshire
-Pinhead (Elliott Spencer)

( @ghostlymostly came up with the original idea. This is just my version of the idea.)