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Rejecting Kayla

Rejecting Kayla

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Luke-ma-bae13 By Luke-ma-bae13 Updated Jan 18

Rejection is every wolfs worst nightmare. Some die if loneliness. Some stay lonely. Or some kill themselves. So either way you will feel pain. 

My pack treats me like garbage. I dot even have a proper room all I have it the attic, that is full of junk. I don't even have a proper bed. They hardly feed me anything. I'm so skinny. Every day it's the same thing bullied by my family. My own flesh and blood. Even the kids at school they beat me up to the moment where I pass out. 

Then getting rejected by the alpha. I couldn't handle it anymore. So I ran away.

Luke-ma-bae13 Luke-ma-bae13 Apr 21, 2016
Anyway if your saying my story blows why are you still on it? Just delete it
anikaying8818 anikaying8818 Mar 10, 2016
Grammar and spelling !!! The pack's name should be in capital letters and also her last name Reed not reed
FallonMelon FallonMelon Apr 05, 2016
'Deathly Hallows' or something is like in the Harry potter series...
Cha-cha-real-smooth Cha-cha-real-smooth Mar 26, 2016
I am called a bitch because of my attitude and how i scream at people
- - Mar 13, 2016
well everyone call me bitch because of my life and my attitude
cagedsong cagedsong Apr 15, 2016
Omfg everyone used the same story line. I don't know how people can read these stories like it's ruined the  supernatural genre for me becaise they're all the same it makes me want to shoot myself