Wild Baleigh Love

Wild Baleigh Love

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Other than the fact that Ballice is incredibly hot and brutally outshining everyone, he is also some pain in the ass to Tleigh. The ceaseless prodding gets on his nerves because he wants Tleigh all riled up. He keeps doing crazy and bad stuffs just to get a rise out of her.It takes slaps from her for him to begrudgingly admit that he is drawn into her feistiness and that's what literally makes him fall for her deeper.

Ever since he was three years old, he has despised women generally because that's when his mother left them for another man. Well, not until he meets Tleigh who makes all his emotions go haywire. To him, she is danger and beauty intertwined. He wants something concrete with her. Will they bloom into something more profound; friendship? Relationship?

Tleigh is like a smoulder. But once provoked she turns into a blaze in a flash. She is demurely pretty and really brilliant. She is like a tornado of roses from divine. She has dreams to achieve and having a man in her life is her last option. Okay, not until she has settled down with a Well paying job after college. This is for the sake of her single dad  and her young brother. 

Ballice is on her way. He is like a clock striking midnight making all her senses wear off. 
What will she do?

They both have a dark past full of emotions.  Will they run from it or will they both accept it and let their emotions flow? Will they let the frustrations ebb away? And if so, will it set them free?

Read to find out what happens.

The story is sweeter than the description, trust me.