Tomboy [Completed]

Tomboy [Completed]

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Jess By jessalxanders Completed

No-one said being a tomboy was easy. But for Sam, it has been. All until she gets transferred to her brother's school.    

With groups and couples already in place by their exams, Sam only fits in with her "adopted" brother's group; The Bandits. Sometimes names have no meaning; but this time, it's a pretty big clue...

      Of course, its cliché. I mean, it's all about a tomboy finding herself, her family. And why she never knew what her mother worked as, why she died in that car crash. Maybe we should pay more attention to family secrets...      Especially if it could save your, or someone else's, life; because every family has its own share of classified information.

 *Currently under major editing, a new book may be posted, or this may be scrapped and totally reuploaded, you can add this to your library for updates, or you can follow me as I'll say when I'll post new chapters. I'm rewriting the whole thing, so it'll totally change. You can read it later, probably from this book. Much, much later.*

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1-800-BASH-A-BITCH 1-800-BASH-A-BITCH Jun 27, 2016
I beat my dad and brother at the game.....they claim they let me win..when we all know I'm better than them Even my mom
southparkcrazyanime southparkcrazyanime Mar 18, 2016
I actually imagined Sam saying sarcastically, "Look at these bad boys!" While faith hilling, that would be so awesome!!!!!! 😏
jenjisaurus jenjisaurus May 11, 2015
I prefer Residence of Evil. CODS okay....MW3 was shiat though. The spawns were just...urgh.
harrypotter34 harrypotter34 Apr 13, 2014
Exactly even though im 12 I see it in movies and I look uncomfortable
jessalxanders jessalxanders May 23, 2013
@FireFox13 thanks, for reading especially, hope you enjoy :)
LillaGriffin LillaGriffin Apr 25, 2013
I'd forgotten how good this was so I had to read it again ;) Good job Kingsley!