Tell Me I'm an Angel (Frerard)

Tell Me I'm an Angel (Frerard)

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tonight and always By SeraphStarshine Completed

Gerard thought that committing suicide would finally end it: no more pain, no more sorrow - nothing.

The last thing he expected was to wake up in Hell, reborn as a demon under Lucifer's control.

He is planning on ending himself - for good this time - when he runs into an angel named Frank.

Even though it is forbidden, he can't resist spending time with him, and before he even realizes what is happening, he has fallen in love with this mysterious angel.

Little does he know that their innocent romance is a part of something much greater which could ignite an all-out war between Heaven and Hell.


*trigger warning for suicidal thoughts and actions, violent scenes, and character deaths*


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oh now i know what the shadow in the corner of my eye that's always following me around is. Lately, it's been getting fainter though :,)
I have these thoughts so often I ought to replace that slot with what I once bought
my puppy jumped off my couch and she's lying on the floor like a furry loaf of bread now
why do they have bathing pits tho...isn't hell like a city,,don't they have apartments with showers
pills and booze?
                              Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us confirmed.
That is the least comforting thing to say to someone Bob but, A+ for effort I suppose. 😂