Popularity (bullied by Luke Hemmings)

Popularity (bullied by Luke Hemmings)

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"Were such a fucked up couple"I said in between sobs.

"I know we are baby"Luke said.

"I know we are"


Hi guys this is my first fanfic so I'm sorry if it totally sucks.

Not gonna complain about the way the name is spelt, because there is two ways to spell Michael... But like okay
Did your mom left and your dad became a alcoholic and he started beating you up then Luke found out and save you?
trin2000 trin2000 Apr 02, 2015
I'm pretty sure I've read a few of your other books and this has been on my wattpad for a long time now I just haven't gotten to it so I'm gonna read it now and so yea I think your a really good fanfic writer I love these bullied by luke hemmings books!!