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» Reminiscent « The Walking Dead 〓 Daryl Dixon X Reader

» Reminiscent « The Walking Dead 〓 Daryl Dixon X Reader

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Amnesiac By metalbatbabe Updated Apr 03

It all started at the beginning. Nobody could've asked for a better life. You had the man of your dreams by your side, who would sacrifice anything for you. Even his brother would put his life on the line for your safety. 

But what happens when the entire world goes to shit? The apocalypse has happened, and it's taken over by walkers. You're safe, at first, with him, his brother, and a group of people you banded up with. Safety in numbers, you know. 

One small moment can change everything. 

I guess that was the moment you decided to stay with Merle after T-Dog had dropped the key down the piping.

Why does everyone hate Lori and say that she was a slut and cheated on Rick? It's like a widow who thought her husband died and then had sex with another man, and apperently she "cheated" on him even though he's still alive! She didn't know for Pete's sake!
NoizandRose NoizandRose Apr 22
I cried when I read this...Because They were so happy until that happened
JiminieChimJin JiminieChimJin Feb 18, 2016
To soon,it's always to soon, even though it's been like four seasons 😂
HanIsNotCool HanIsNotCool Nov 13, 2016
Daryl holding Judith was a better mom in 5 minutes than Lori was in 3 seasons 😂
I never really cared for Lori. She is like one of those meh characters.
latenightthinker latenightthinker Dec 23, 2016
@MoXbabygirl and @BackBoneDez you two are now my favourite peopl