The Bullet's Kiss

The Bullet's Kiss

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Previously known as Guns and Roses

Sabina Pavlova, a true femme fatale. 
First born of the most notorious Russian Mafia, she holds all the quality for a scandalous leader. 

Feared and respected. She's anything but kind, sympathetic or loving. 
Numb to her emotions and driven only by her extreme crave for power. 

A delinquent. Fueled by her stubbornness and intense lust to succeed her father's position; desiring to be deemed worthy in his eyes. 

However, her careless actions and reckless nature are seen to be her downfall; allowing her to act mindlessly with no empathy.

Sick of her adamant nature, her father banishes her to live life as a normal 19 year old; to survive as a homeless, deprived teen, whilst studying at college. 

What obstacles await?

Follow her as she journeys through college, taking a twisted path towards darkness, avoiding light and rejecting her emotions. 

Who will be her salvation?