Fallen Angels { Fairy Tail Fanfic }

Fallen Angels { Fairy Tail Fanfic }

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Water Queen By cielomrosario Updated Jun 10, 2015

Up in the heavens lived the vast life of many angels. Their job is to rid the world from evil as much as possible. Starting with humans. Now, we all know that not all humans are evil because if they were, we would all be dead at this point. Lucy and Levy are finally assigned their first mission. Their mission, Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox. They weren't exactly known as the nicest guys in town but not malicious murderers either. A past still to be uncovered. Will they fall for one another?

All rights to Hiro Mashima

Started: September 29, 2014

  • angels
  • fairytail
  • gale
  • nalu
  • romance
teddyhun teddyhun Nov 19, 2015
oh my guddness this ff is really awesome you do well! daebakk
Cryptic_Eyes Cryptic_Eyes Sep 28, 2014
This sounds so interesting!!! :D And thank you very much for the dedication...wow! ♥