Twisted || Chris Brown  [Prequel]

Twisted || Chris Brown [Prequel]

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It took a lot for him to change, but not everything always goes away. It's always a story behind every person, and every person has a reason for the way they turned out.

To Dr.Brown

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CandieLandPrincess CandieLandPrincess Apr 30, 2017
lol not my black ass 😭 Chris would've went to jail today 😋
babyadele babyadele Nov 02, 2017
Okay y’all might not have seen the word prequel but don’t tell me you didn’t see 2004 like cmon now
unwantedfeeling unwantedfeeling Apr 17, 2017
She a good mother if she took blame for a death she didn't do 💯
SantaBaby2005 SantaBaby2005 Dec 17, 2017
Chill y’all wrong that 💀💀💀 “Better than nothing”
AmyaJynee AmyaJynee Dec 28, 2016
She a real one yo. Chuz I would've snitched as soon a I heard sirens, sorry not sorry.
_AngelWrites _AngelWrites Sep 25, 2016
Gum, mouthwash, comb, brush,pencil but you choose your finger 🚶