Rewind Park

Rewind Park

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"I've been living an illusion.

And I don't mean that in the usual soap-opera-y way most people do when they say something as  dramatic as 'I've been living an illusion.' I haven't discovered my lover's been cheating on me, or that my Dad secretly works for the FBI, or that my school is full of vampires, or anything stupid like that...

I really mean it. 

I've been living in some real-life "Twilight Zone" bullshit. And I don't know how long I've been here- maybe my entire life.

Everything I do. Everywhere I go. Everyone I talk to... All of it's suspect. All of it's part of some grand illusion.

Even my girlfriend acts like she's in on it.

And that sucks, because I really like my girlfriend." -Eugene X

Follow struggling musician Eugene X as he descends down the most unlikely of rabbit-holes in the often-surprising "REWIND PARK."  

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