Excuse You《l.a》

Excuse You《l.a》

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meme queen supreme By eren_skittles_and_me Updated Sep 24, 2016

[●○levi ackerman x reader○●]

"say, levi?"


"do you believe in monsters?"

"of course."


"how can i not when we've witnessed monsters in the flesh?"

"we have? how so?"

"humans, my darling. we are the most terrifying monsters to ever walk the earth."

(f/n) (l/n) is an aspiring actress. She lives in a small town called Trost. She attends Shiganshina High, the nearest highschool to Trost with her friends.

Levi Ackerman is a big time actor, who happens to be distantly related to Mikasa Ackerman. So when her best friends Sandra and Mikasa set (f/n) up with an audition in one of the biggest movies of the year, 'Wings Of Freedom' , and the leading role with teen heartthrob Levi Ackerman, what could possibly happen? Will new loves be born? Will jealousies arise? Will friendships strengthen? Perhaps... 

But one thing is for certain. Poor (f/n) is not ready for the massive storm that's heading her way. 

【Cover by the amazing @animegirlx4ever】
【WARNING: graphic gore and violence, possible lime】

TomboyLiv TomboyLiv May 06, 2016
I like Levi just I little bit better but you can a have Eren hehehe
Krulcifer- Krulcifer- Jan 10
Can you be my friend.
                              You know, this comment is brighter than my future.
SaviLynch1996 SaviLynch1996 2 days ago
5'4 1/2 for me he just got I little bit taller thanks to me * thinks about what I just said * that sounded nasty
little_yandere little_yandere Nov 25, 2016
Ed is boss so anytime anywhere I will talk about badass he is boi!
FootyDaCat FootyDaCat Dec 23, 2016
WHERE MAH SEBBY AT?! * looks franticly around like spongegar*
FishboonieRoboEmpire FishboonieRoboEmpire Nov 22, 2016
oh my deer gog jeegus, yas. lets just kinda... be friendus and shite and just do this whole frolicky unicorn skittle rocker thing often... that would be awesome X3