Seconds Behind (Coming Soon)

Seconds Behind (Coming Soon)

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Em By BirdArcade Updated Jul 15

Zeth was a coward. He knew that his life had been a series of screw-ups, tragedies and mistakes nobody could come back from. He was doomed to be on medication for the rest of his life, he didn't bother with school and he had failed to make a single friend except his sister, who had left this world already. But the cloaked figure that had followed him his whole life scared him too much to summon on demand. Instead, he hoped that if he kept pouring medication down the drain, the Grim Reaper would take him peacefully by Christmas.

When social services sends him to a charity children's hospice for his sixteenth summer, he's faced with Aly, a girl his age made ill by the corrupted air back home. When funds begin withdrawing from the hospice, Aly teams up with Zeth to find the cause. 

But through it all, Aly aims to put a lifetime between herself and Zeth, rather then just seconds.

Authors Note: Don't panic! This isn't another romance between ill children. And I will start updating soon, I want to be a few chapters ahead first.