Hidden in the Shadows (Jahvie fanfic)

11 Part Story 31.4K Reads 580 Votes
Malaysia (Angel) By MotionlessMonster666 Updated 2 years ago
Josh was supposed to be it. He was supposed to be the one. Jayy was sure of it. But lately, it doesn't seem like it. Tired of seeing Jayy get his heart broken over and over again, Sally and Dahvie force Jayy to break up with him. Jayy's already one step ahead of them though. What makes it even worse is what Jayy discovers as he goes to breakup with Josh. With lost hope and no intentions to find love ever again, Jayy can rely on his two best friends. Sally and Dahvie. But what if being Dahvie's best friend isn't where Jayy wants to stop?
Damn good chapter.