I love you daddy

I love you daddy

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prettybyrd By prettybyrd Updated Sep 12, 2014

"I'm so so sorry baby. I shouldnt have done that. It was wrong. God whats wrong with me" Bently said to me, pulling away from my body. The body he recently pleasured to no return. God is he good with his hands

"Its ok. I loved it. Dont be hard on yourself" I replied.

"This is sick Zari. I shouldnt me doing this. Im a married man for Gods sake. And your my..." I cut him off. I took his hand and placed it on my throbbing cunt. 

"Look what you do to me. Only you can make me feel like this. I dont care about the other things." as I was saying this I moved my hand back and forth, causing his hand to do the same, spreading my pussy lips. I then stood on my tippy toes and whisperd seductively into his ear

"Fuck me daddy."


Bahati Nazaria Emboada is a 17 year old dancer. She is in a prestigous arts school called Wimbledon School of Arts. She is the perfect child. Straight As, popular, best in the school, virgin and beautiful. But she is more tainted than she seems.

Bentley Eduardo Emboada is multi-billionaire. He owns millions of recording studios and owns the best record labels. He is the best in the cut-throat music industry. He has a beautiful family. A gorgeous Victoria Secret model of a wife and a breathtakingly beautiful daughter. He has a perfect life...... except the the secrets he's hiding.

Father and daughter, Bahati and Bently are very close. Too close. Too close to put onto words. So close that legs tangle, sheets stain, moans accompany groans, a very hard dick plunges into a weeping cunt. Daddy and baby aren't suppose to do that, they know. But thats what you get when youp put a very,very hormonal teenage Aphriditi and a neglected,young 'Brad pitt' in the same room.