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Arriving at Incheon airport did I know I was going to end up finding a life and a family here in south Korea?  

Did I know I was going to be the happiest girl alive? 

Did I know that all of it was going to be ripped away from me in one night? 

Navigating my life through the underground scene of south Korea , having a secret boyfriend and actually enjoying my life I never thought all of it would be literally snatched away from me in one night 

Is it so bad to do a good deed? 

Is it so bad to protect people you love from the monsters of the real world? 

Is it so bad to love and expect to be loved? 

I'm Phoenix and this is my story

This is my first Book ever!! Please support me :))

Excerpt -----

One wrong push and the knife was plunged into my stomach. 

I was snatched and grabbed, punched and kicked, choked and groped, slashed and now the final blow stabbed. All of this just because some sadistic bastards wanted pleasure. Watching me scream, shout and writhe in pain was an entertainment for them. 

They could've searched my place and phone long ago but they chose not to, torturing me for information was better.

Not knowing what to do now that they had stabbed me and I was very much useless they ran away.

They just left. 

Leaving me there on the cold hard ground all alone awaiting my death.