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MFM Book 1 and 2 ***Taken down by June 25th! READ NOW!***

MFM Book 1 and 2 ***Taken down by June 25th! READ NOW!***

6.4M Reads 190K Votes 87 Part Story
aj_phoenix By aj_phoenix Updated Jun 05

#1 in Romance  (May 2016)
  "The King's love is fickle; 
        he's gorgeous, intelligent and has power beyond the average man. 
        He doesn't have to be kind.
        He can give a glance or a smile and women will fall to their knees.
        Being by his side makes you the most powerful woman in the world. But the moment he tires of you, or you become an inconvenience, you are nothing, no one.
        I've heard of his reputation. He has left a trail of shattered hearts across Europe. If there will ever be a woman to win his heart, they'll need to know his mind first..."
           When cunning servant, Madeline Black helps her mistress throw a party, she meets King Alexander, a seductive man who can't keep his eyes off her. Then, she is sold by her mistress and whisked away to Buckingham Palace to be apart a royal servant staff. 
          Though she knows his reputation and tries to focus on her duties, she constantly finds herself in his presence. Unable to resist, she is soon succumbing to her desires in every corner of Windsor and Buckingham. 
          But, as Napoleon moves across Europe, Princess Sofia of Spain takes refuge at Windsor and the pressure for Alex to marry her is high. Nonetheless, they continue to sneak around to enjoy the pleasures of their trysts. Despite their need for each other, can their relationship survive the society they live in?
        A CHAPTER WITH AN * NEXT TO THE TITLE HAS AN EROTIC VERSION.  To see these chapters, follow me and see the book titled Maid For Majesty: Sex Scenes on my profile page.
        Copyright 2014 AJ Phoenix

SikSookSooHyuk SikSookSooHyuk Jun 28, 2016
Already read it....I never thought she will be that good hahahahaha
tatepraise tatepraise Jul 02, 2016
I followed the author, bt I still can't access the erotic version!!!! AJ  help!!!!!
aruam_ouat7 aruam_ouat7 Jul 01, 2016
In all fairness if this is going were I think it is going I think you would be riding him
tatepraise tatepraise Jul 02, 2016
This book is one of the greats, except for the two parts parts you need from Amazon
sarcastic_turtle sarcastic_turtle Jul 01, 2016
Everyone's talking about how you have to be 18+ and I'm not and I've still got the private sex scene books
smudgedlipstick smudgedlipstick Jun 28, 2016
Omfg Alex for such a smart king you really don't act like it