Conflagration Hose Warriors

Conflagration Hose Warriors

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suebug8 By suebug8 Updated Feb 19, 2013

So I was reading SleeplessInChicago's Smoldering Embers and when I looked at the cover I got an idea for a story so this chappy is dedicated to her! For her general awesomeness and inspiring me so the pic over there is also dedicated to her:)


Chapter 1

Packing the last box into the massive moving truck, I look back at my apartment building. One never knows if they are making the right decision, but I want out of the city. Sure, I will miss my friends and family, but I need new surroundings. It's like something is calling to me, I can't really explain it. I have never known anything other than Jersey. By the visit I paid to Geneva, Alabama last month when I had my interview with the fire marshal, I think I will love it there. It's so different from here in Jersey; the way of life there is so much slower paced. It reminds me of all those movies you see where the south is nothing but picket fences and middle class hous...

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  • grief
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AJ_Lewis AJ_Lewis Aug 04, 2013
Made me want to be there for her. I have a bad thing of getting in the middle of abusive relationships and pulling the abused out. I know its not my place but sometimes they need someone to show them they have someone who cares and wants to help.
Christinag1227 Christinag1227 Dec 30, 2012
Awesome first chapter! Looking forward to reading more of the story.
SleeplessInChicago SleeplessInChicago Oct 08, 2012
                              When there is some truth to a story. it makes for a better read. I am liking this a lot.
suebug8 suebug8 Oct 08, 2012
@SleeplessInChicago It hurt to write it as well and some of this has come from real life experience, with fiction added of course, about someone I care about...on the flip side I am glad you are hooked!!
SleeplessInChicago SleeplessInChicago Oct 08, 2012
                              I hate men like that. My father was like that with my mother. so I have no tolerance for it. It hurts even to read about it. Hope all will be well for her soon and that he has come to help.
                              great job on this story. i'm hooked..
SleeplessInChicago SleeplessInChicago Oct 08, 2012
                              I had to comment and thank you for the dedication before I started to read. Now on to reading.