Dude...Thats Not a Guy

Dude...Thats Not a Guy

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Oneiro By BeautyofPeace Updated Sep 02

Soraya's a girl that hasn't had the best of lives, bouncing from foster home to foster home ever since the ...incident. 
Ashton's the guy that has it all, friends, popularity and a great family. 
What happens when these two are thrown together in one big mess we call life?

(Okay so this book is co-written with Beklet, so Soraya's character will be taken by her and Ashton's by me. 
We will each have a copy of this book in our works and so yeah..should be fabulous c: )

This book features the names of real baseball teams and locations, however, the actions of the characters are in no way related to real life dynamics. Each character is individually created for the purpose of fiction.

My middle name is Soraya! Never thought I'd hear the name belonging to someone else haha
Soraya. That's my motherly figure's name so it feels kind of weird to read this.
hey your book was really funny can you help me make a funny book you seemed like the right person to ask
Omg Soraya is my oldest daughter and first born:) I've never seen it spelt the same except the princess of Persia at the time she was born 3/2002 had the same name.  For those who don't know,  soraya is Persian for princess:)