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Kimberly By Vampire_Angel Updated Jan 09, 2014

Rape. . . It can happen at any given moment and with any given moment. It can be someone you know, a total stranger, someone you’ve dated, maybe someone you thought loved you, or maybe a friend. Being raped can cause a great deal of damage to the person, it can scar them for life, cause nightmares, cause them to be killed by the rapist because they told the their parents or the police, sometimes pregnancy, it can even sometimes cause the person to commit suicide. But pretending like it never happened can be really painful because of the fact that what happened to the person, he/she will never be able to forget it. The fact that they are too frightened to walk alone. Stopping the rapist can be very hard because of all the abilities the rapist may have, but with the persons will power, he/she will do anything to stop then from ever rapping any more innocent people. This had happened to Felicity Destiny innocent teenage girl who wasn't even expecting it and it nearly destroyed her.

lex0301 lex0301 Feb 28, 2016
Sorry for you sorry it happened to all you guys just follow me on watt pad I'll tell you about my life story
AmazeEyes1 AmazeEyes1 Jan 17, 2016
If i were her I would have just used my nails and dig into his pathetic skin.....he's lucky he's not dealing with me!
JessicaSpicka JessicaSpicka Dec 13, 2015
I was raped but this guy who works at this corner store and he was like in his 60's. He asked some other girls to "help him with this spiritual healing" thing. And the police didn't believe me when I told them what happened to me. We even had text messages on the phone from him.
DainaDesty DainaDesty Dec 10, 2015
And in the story she's going to cut her hair and die it black
werewolf369 werewolf369 Nov 27, 2015
That jackass! If I were in yer situation, he would have been knocked put in a second because I know how to box. It's very easy to me.
johnilyntrash johnilyntrash Nov 18, 2015
Roses are red 
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              May I just say 
                              That escalated quickly