SOUR PATCH (I'm Dating A Supermodel)

SOUR PATCH (I'm Dating A Supermodel)

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Mr.MeanieMouse By kreachermuch Completed

As if in slow motion he snakes his arms around a very tall stunning girl who looks like a goddess herself. Then all of a sudden he smashed his lips against hers...
My chest tightens as I can feel my heart drop and break into pieces down by my feet.
There it is my fear completely unfolding in front of my eyes.
(the description is not very good but pls give the story a shot )

Cover by: ME
edited by: SareenaDaredia

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mjane54 mjane54 Aug 18
So, is this the part where me and my fangirls come in and castrate him?
Every one is talking bout Harry Potter what about TVD fans,
                              Paul Wesley
mjane54 mjane54 Aug 18
I love being a bleh, you have nothing important in a life of a bleh. It's also super when all the blehs unite
                              Pessimist me: oh no the fangirls
                              Drunk me: But damn! *fans self* he is one hot piece of man meat
                              Realist me: Gurl, he's married. With kids
kadzii123 kadzii123 Jul 03
Is no one gonna comment about the fact that she's basically Lois and he's Clark! Superman vibes or what. 😂😂😂
dreamingbae dreamingbae Aug 27
Lol I didn't know who he was so I looked him up and an old general came up. I had to put Clark Wesley model in to get a picture AND MY GOD YES 😍😍😂