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Oh My... (Eminem Fan Fic.)

Oh My... (Eminem Fan Fic.)

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this bitch By Doin_Time Completed

I stuffed my hands in my black hoodie pocket and walked the streets of Detroit in the cold, dark, night. I wasn't sure where I was going but I didn't care. I've been through so much shit these past few days if I died I wouldn't mind. I looked down at the cracked road. "Hey, you." I heard a male call. My head shot up. The guy I saw earlier.... Marshall, was walking towards me. "Where are you going?" He wondered. I shrugged. "Well, come with me." He suggested. I stopped and stared at him. I  barley knew this guy, should I go? Yes, I already been through hell and back, I could do this. He waited for me to decide what to do. I took in a  deep breath and walked towards him.

Gravity_Falling_ Gravity_Falling_ Aug 09, 2016
Bullshït you can get to an airport 30 min tops anywhere in Brooklyn
dugthebootyhunter dugthebootyhunter Aug 09, 2015
Why would someone be reading an Eminem fanfic if they couldn't handle swearing lmfao
SavannahMelder SavannahMelder Jun 13, 2014
Hallelujah, somebody who knows the English language and can use the Grammer properly!
fluffymeowcat fluffymeowcat May 20, 2014
Wow. . . . this is just. .  .wow. So good. I actually felt their emotions. I love this!! Question, is this when Marshall was a teenager too?