Till Death Part Us Not

Till Death Part Us Not

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Freda Danful By FredaDanful1 Updated 6 days ago

Ashley Andredé and Kerry Santiago decided to have their wedding on a dark gloomy night. Ashley is shot right after their final wedding vow "Till Death Do Us Part" is said. Even considering the fact that they are drug lords, they loved each other dearly causing Kerry to commit suicide that very night.

Thanatos, the god of death coupled with Nyx the goddess of night and Hypnos, the god of sleep capture their souls and send them to the underworld.

What will happen when both Kerry and Ashley meet in the rivers of fire, hell which is ruled by Dis-pater also known as Hades, the god of the underworld.

They are faced with intense torture but are given another chance to come back to life and make things better but all this doesn't come on a silver platter because for their freedom they have to complete a difficult task.

Will they be able to make it??