Her Man

Her Man

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Mira Brendan By mira_brendan_ Completed

"I'm not surprised you treat me the way you do, even my own parents ditched me!", I yell at him. It's raining so much and we are both wet. He comes closer to me and I move backwards.

"Melissa...", He says but I cut him off.

"Stop it, just stop all this shit! I hate you!", My lips speak for me, I know I'm Lying, but right now, I have to say what will chase him away.

"If you hate me....", He pauses for a while then continues.

"Then look me in the eye and tell me you don't love me", he says and my heart stops.

What did he just say?

The book revolves around the Passionate, mysterious and romantic love story of a Singer - Jordan and a common girl - Melissa and their friends.

Melissa, a 17 year old, abandoned by her parents as a child, spent half of her life in an orphanage, the other half with an aunt that changes her wicked ways when Melissa is off to college, and has an ugly past, moments that come back to her in form of dreams.

Jordan, a 20 year old singer. He began singing to help feed his mom after his dad died, he began to excel in it and now, he's every girl's sweetheart. He has a girlfriend he despises, but for some reason, he's just with her.

Melissa goes to college with high hopes, hopes that are shattered when she meets Jordan. She can barely concentrate and finds herself drawn to him.

Jordan on the other hand, tries to deceive himself, that he's not feeling anything towards Melissa, but that doesn't work as he finds himself thinking of her every second.

He discovers Melissa's haunting secrets and treats her poorly, leaving Melissa dumbfounded and sick of life. He still finds himself drawn to her everyday.

Will Melissa forgive Jordan?
Will Jordan forgive himself?
Will friends stand in the way of their love?
Are there more haunting secrets?