world of gangs

world of gangs

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"You're fine, princess?" he asked and I nodded not trusting my voice, his gaze trailed to my lips then back to my eyes..

Why is it so hot here? and what the hell is wrong with me. I composed myself and cleared my throat, then said

"You remember when I called you a cow?" I asked

"Of course I remember, why?" he asked, amused

"Obviously that's not true, you're not a cow.. you're an elephant.. get off of me, bastard"


Alexandra owen: beautiful,innocent,popular girl at high school,it was about time to find out that her entire life was a total lie(she can be a sarcastic bitch when she want)
Jack calum: cocky,sexy,mean guy,he's the town's bad boy,the gang leader of thd most feared gang in the town. Everything he wants,he gets.
Find out what happens when he take an interest on her with her stubborness and his possessiveness

I thought he was going to say "we're getting married" or something like that
bianca_209 bianca_209 Feb 07
What shay Mitchell I think I spelt it wrong but I love her. 😝😝😝
Lexi4753 Lexi4753 Sep 23
I would recommend using spell check when writing😉 It's no biggie but it just makes your writing look more professional.
Leanne_17 Leanne_17 Dec 08, 2015
I was thinking he was her real father or something, and the other guys was his sons, and she was adopted or something......
luksgirl12 luksgirl12 Dec 04, 2015
Damn... I was not expecting that, I thought it was going to be an arranged marriage and that they'd come now to collect her 😂
out-of-here-in-2015 out-of-here-in-2015 Nov 22, 2015
I was not expecting that. I was thinking it was going to be like an arranged marriage or something like that.